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"Awaken" - oil on stretched linen canvas - 41.5cm x 61.5cm

I recently completed this painting and thought to share the story and meaning behind it.

Although this painting portrays a picturesque landscape, it is more about a mental state of moving on and getting ready for the next "journey", be it personal or another facet of life. And so, the story goes:

There was once a bird and she was deep in sleep.

She stayed asleep for many days and many nights.

Seasons would pass and yet she was still asleep;

lost in dreams and lost in thoughts. Then one cool morning, like clockwork, the night started its exit,

and the sun begun to rise.

A warm orange light emerged, and blanketed the world with a soft glimmering glow.

And then, unlike any other day, the bird opened her eyes.

She was awake!

She shook her feathers and she felt like she was in another dream,

but this one, was of total clarity. She watched the light glow in brightness and grow in brilliance.

She could hear a humming as if the world itself had awaken too.

In the distance she could see a place, a destination.

It had been a long time, and she was ready to go.

But just for a little while, she watched the sun rise, ... and then, took flight.

I hope you enjoyed the story or at least feel some positive vibes from the painting!

If you are interested in this painting or other paintings on my site, please feel free to reach out to me.



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