A Winter's Eve

Oil on canvas board | 21.5 x 21.5 cm | framed


This painting was born from imagination and romantic thoughts of a quite winter dream. A white winter land, a snowy night, shooting stars and a hint of red that indicate a mysterious warmth in an otherwise cold environment.

I had never seen snow in my life only until recently. But at the time of painting this, I had not experience snow, so I only had my own thoughts, imagination and other people's stories to draw from.

I always imagined a winter's eve to be Cold but Beautiful, Dark but magical, Silent but comforting in its solace. This painting captures that essence and wonder for me. Every time I look at this painting I am intrigued by this place - where is it, how will the night and day unfold, and what will I wish upon that shooting star.

FB: @marinlooart , Insta: @marinloo

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