Marin Loo is an emerging Australian landscape artist who paints uplifting scenes in the natural and modern landscape."Peaceful, colorful and inviting” are some of the words that describe her work. The audience is invited to feel a sense of calm and peace that these paintings aim to evoke.

She is inspired by the colourful richness of nature and the diverse and changing illumination of light and air in the environment. She aims not to be just a passive observer of life but to fully immerse, observer and capture the essence and beauty of the landscape.



Born in Malaysia and migrated to Australia in her early teens; Marin has made Australia her home ever since. She graduated with a Computing degree and went onto work in this field for many years. During this time she took up art lessons at a Fine Arts school in Sydney (Julian Ashton Art School) on a part time basis. She was always interested in art since she was a child and it was only in her adult years that she had the opportunity and freedom to invest in studying and exploring art. 
She finally quit her job recently to fully pursue her true passion of art. Through her time, she has participated in a number of art shows and been a finalist at national prizes. 



Marin's preferred choice of medium is oil due to its textural and fluidity texture. She enhances her paintings through an intuitive process. In her words:

"I either paint outdoors or take snapshots of landscapes/nature and I go through a process of transforming the piece to something I feel visually stimulated and excited about.

The process starts with painting what I see first, then feeling the emotions evoked from the scene or subject, and then 'transforming' the scene/subject by a number of approaches: adding atmosphere, visual brush strokes, changing/adding elements and adding vibrancy & colour.

Sometimes the transformation is simple and sometimes it is major. Either way the process is quite visceral, and it is both aesthetically and mentally exciting for me. Through this I feel I am at my most creative and I don't stop (and I can't) until I feel the transformation is complete."

If you are interested in any of Marin's artwork or would like her to do a commissioned painting, please get in touch.



2020 - Georges River Art Prize show 

2020 - Fifty squared Art Prize - Brunswick Gallery

2019 - Womankind Exhibition (Group exhibition)

2019 - Brunswick Gallery Small Works

2018 - Drummoyne Open Annual Art Exhibition

2018 - Bayside Visual Art Prize

2018 - Brunswick Gallery Small Works

2017 - Waverly Art Prize Show

2015 - Julian Ashton Student & Teacher Annual Exhibition

2014 - Julian Ashton Student & Teacher Annual Exhibition

2014 - Pyrmont Art Festival

2013 - Julian Ashton Student & Teacher Annual Exhibition



2019 - Georges River Art Prize finalist

2018 - Bayside Visual Art Prize finalist

2017 - Waverly Art Prize finalist

2014 - Phillip Muskett Landscape Prize winner 



Private collection in Paddington NSW AU, Northmead NSW AU, Gladesville NSW AU, Concord NSW AU,

Melbourne VIC AU.

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