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If you are interested in any artwork or wanting a commissioned piece, please get in touch. 

"CONNECTION" Exhibition - March 2021

The Womankind Collective presents their latest group exhibition based on the theme of ‘Connection’. In light of the latest pandemic, connection is now more relevant than ever.  “It is something we had, we took for granted and we lost, forcing us all to adapt and navigate”. In Marin's own words:

 "I'm naturally drawn to the energy and richness of nature but I particularly love the emotional and spiritual influence that nature induces – it energises, inspires, and offers a way to re-connect within. There is something quite therapeutic about being in nature that calms and soothes the mind and soul. Our sense of inner peace is often elusive in the modern world as we are usually inundated with media, entertainment, consumerism and often leading an imbalanced work & personal life. Sometimes this can feel like we are disconnected with ourselves. ​

My paintings has little traces of human civilization even in the modern context. In fact it feels rather quiet, peaceful and isolated. It encourages us to pause for a moment, still the mind and seek balance to ultimately re-connect with ourselves."


The exhibition was based on a group of artists exploring femininity and what it means to be a woman in their time. Marin's artwork for the show aimed to capture elements of mother nature which is akin to the theme of womankind. In her words:

"I have a love of nature. The paintings for the exhibition aims at capturing the beauty, tranquility, life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature. Many of these aspects remind me of elements akin to femininity and hence related to the theme: Womankind. I find that modern life can be busy, complex and often with little time to enjoy and experience mother nature fully. These paintings are a way to evoke emotions of familiarity and affinity with the natural environment. The aim is to evoke a sense of peace & calm as a means to deepen the desire to connect and seek a harmonious co-existence with nature."

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