A waterhole hidden amongst a valley of gum trees

A waterhole hidden amongst a valley of gum trees

  • Oil on stretched linen | 41cm x 60.5cm | Ready to hang


    Imagine a bright sunny day; you're walking along a bush track; the sun is beating down and a trickle of sweat runs down your face. As you walk along the track and down a path, you're greeted, amongst a valley of gumtrees, a natural waterhole. Wouldn't you be tempted to just dive in and submerge into the coolness of the water?

    This painting is inspired by a hike along the Jellybean track in the Blue mountains. The water pool is naturally formed and shaped like a jellybean (hence its name Jellybean pool). The strokes of light in the painting highlights the brightness and haziness of a warm sunny day. The sparkling nature of the water hints of a cool and welcoming respite from a hot summer's day. 

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