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At the end of the rainbow


At the end of the rainbow

  • Oil on canvas panel | 21.3cm x 21.3cm | Framed | Ready to hang


    Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? I like to think so! There is something quite happy and magical about rainbows that evokes the inner child.

    This painting was based on a hike in Tasmania (three-capes-track). On this occasion, it was an early start and it was still dark. And as the sun rose, the sky gradually transformed to a beautiful warm glow and to my delight I was greeted with a rainbow and its reflection. It was a great start to the day and I remember feeling quite upbeat and happy.

    The painting was done slowly and in multiple layers: with the transition of the sky, shadows of the trees and the layers of the rainbow. I always find this stage quite satisfying as the painting unfolds before my eyes. However it is the final stages that excites me - adding gradual strokes of colour, variations and layers in the scene to enhance the emotive feeling.

    Like the inner child, this painting reminds me of cheerful thoughts, magical possibilities and all the warm feelings associated to watching a sunrise.. and a rainbow.

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