Serendipity by the river

Oil on stretched linen | 35.5 x 56cm | Sides painted hot pink


This painting began as a tree between a footpath and a road on a bright sunny day. I have an early memory of walking along this footpath and stopping under the shadows of a huge magnificent tree. It provided a lovely leafy umbrella from a sunny day, but it also gave me a sense of calm on a rather busy street.

When I was painting this scene, I felt that although the tree was wonderful in its natural glory, it just looked a little sad. I decided after some time to change the painting and replace the footpath to a grassy place with flowers and substitute the road with a river and then added layers and strokes of colours on the tree. I often think what it would be like if I happened upon a place like this, I imagine it would be a serendipity moment and just a feeling of simple joy and happiness.

FB: @marinlooart , Insta: @marinloo

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