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Sunset at a nearby park


Sunset at a nearby park

  • Oil on canvas panel | 20.3cm x 20.3cm | Framed | Ready to hang


    It was a beautiful late afternoon and the day was gradually transitioning into the evening. The sun was  setting and there was a beautiful light scattering across the park, particularly on one of the trees. I took the opportunity then to quickly paint the tree before the last rays of sunlight dissapeared.

    What started off as a quick painting exercise took me down a rabbit hole of discovery. It led to an entire new approach, a new way of painting and a new perspective in attempting to visually enhance and translate the memory and sentiment I felt on the day.

    The painting has gone through many transitions in my relentless persistence to find that right aesthetic and emotional feeling. I had at times thought of abandoning it but I'm glad I didn't! I am happy to say that I am totally pleased and excited with the results. 

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